To me feedback is a gift as long as it is genuin, phrased with care, and given at the right time, i.e. when I’m not caught off guard and able to process it properly. Generally feedback can be a tricky thing: It’s not a good idea to go around lecturing strangers on the street for instance about what you think the could do differently. But we’re not on a street and if you made it this far, then I fell like I can trust your judgement and your intentions already.
See – a compliment for both of us. We’re being efficient here!

I’m interested in initial impressions just as much as in afterthoughts that come later – in case I got lucky and something I wrote managed to linger a little. I’m also thankful for focused feedback regarding specific words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs.
What line of paragraph did you like most?
Which ones are ballast or should maybe be tweaked a little?
Some parts are always weaker than others and finding them might be the most important thing, when it comes to improving.

If you don’t want to leave your feedback under the posts you can also give it here – or send me a message, if you don’t feel like posting it publicly. And if your feedback helps me to improve not just my writing but a specific piece I posted, I’d like to give you credit in the sub-section of the posts in question. If you find and don’t like it, just tell me.

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