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drought wake

sun glaring down from the weather hill. eyes on the ground for the breakfast drill.
neck likes to bend, play the gentleman. play you may, thinks the head, but be gentle then. […]


I moved the clock in my living room to another wall. But my muscle memory hasn’t caught up yet. So when I wonder if I’m running late, I still turn to where it used to be. The old spot isn’t empty, though […]

Pyramid sachet

“Bring fresh water to a boil” What is fresh water? Is this a good question? A better one might be: When is water fresh? In the context I found the instruction in – on the back of a tea bag wrapper – it probably […]


I come from a land far from here to the east with a most unusual sky. At night it’s so dark you can barely see any stars and each step makes you stumble and pause. And by day there is lead-coloured blanket of […]

Doom cheer

take a sip
take another

’tis your cup
there’s no other

Bildhauer G

Bildhauer G war der größte Mensch, dem ich je begegnet bin. Er war von solch gewaltiger Größe, dass wer seiner erst direkt vor ihm Halt machend gewahr wurde, sich gänzlich außerstande sah […]


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